Emmeri should be cold, no player can override the team.

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Arsenal celebrity Ian Wright, who recently hailed Gunners boss Emmeri on US forum Reddit, said the relentless Spanish head was exactly what Arsenal needed after Wenger’s departure.

Wenger left Arsenal in charge of 22 years this summer and then emmeri to the team, Emmeri quickly turned the tide despite a succession of losses to Manchester City and Chelsea, with Arsenal winning 11 straight in the period from August to the end of October, and they have remained unbeaten for 18 games in a row so far...

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Manchester City striker Agüero dyed his hair as Grandma

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Grey ahead of the Manchester derby, with new hairstyles bringing new luck, and Agüero scored a goal in that game to help City win 3-1 over Manchester United.

Agüero the Act apparently affected his teammates, Mendi also dyed his hair into that color.

Although Mendi is currently undergoing knee surgery in Barcelona, it is clear he is in a good mood, not only dyed his hair, but also posing in front of fans when he was discharged from the hospital, the post said.

It is not known if Grandma Grey will be a new trend for Manchester City, though it is clear that managers such as Guardiola and David Silva cannot catch up with the trend. Gary Neville and Carragher are perhaps the most terrier couple in football these days. A former enemy, a good comrade today

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Messi C Roybu God figure PK! They are not evidence of humanity

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Are not mortals, not mortals
Athletes are challenging the limits of humanity all the time. The Olympics maxim says that “faster, higher and stronger” can sum up the pursuit of sports. Physical fitness is a hardware requirement that supports the athlete’s technical ability. Sometimes their performance is really amazing.

A few days ago, a fandy video of Van Dyck fired up. In the video, Van Dyck leaped high after the run-up. At that moment, people still felt that he was going to touch the ball hanging from the sky with his hands. As a result, he calmly used his head to reach the ball! With such jumping power and waist strength, this is why Van Dyck can take advantage of high-altitude combat, both in defense and in offense.

Van Dyck
Not long ago, Areola jumped up when he warmed up, and h...

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Manchester United have two faces!

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If you don’t put the bus on, Mourinho always has to change his life and kill.

Manchester United achieve reversal Manchester United to reverse
Mourinho celebrates in the face of boos after the game In the 4th round of the Champions League Group H, United were 2-1 away from Juventus, giving rivals their first season defeat.

Looking back at the whole game, United had two different teams in the second half, especially when they were behind, which played a vital role with Mourinho’s tactical adjustment and replacement adjustment, and once again proved his excellent on-field response and command ability. United played extremely subdued throughout the first half. Such scenes are reminiscent of what Ferdinand said in the first leg: “Juventus play Manchester United like adults kicking children.”

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Manchester United Hummer: Our locker room is very united the Premier League is interesting because of Mourinho

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Matic says Manchester United are very united inside Matic says United are very united within The recent spate of news about the turmoil within Manchester United has also been a matter of concern for the relationship between the players and Mourinho.

But Manchester United star Matic denied the rumors and said United had unity within. “We are all united.” When we win, we’re together; when we lose, we’re still together. What the media says is not true. We are working hard and we will continue to do so. The name Manchester United requires that we have to be very professional and try to turn things around as quickly as possible, and that’s what we’re doing.

Matic thinks Mourinho is more interesting in Premier League Matic thinks it’s more fun to have Mourinho in Premier League
 Mourinho is ...

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Gattuso: Iguain’s injury didn’t seriously punish me for playing

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Gattuso: Iguain not seriously due to injury Gattuso: Iguain due to not serious injury In the early hours of November 5 Beijing time, AC Milan killed Udinese 1-0 away and won three straight league games.

Gattuso said after the game that the match played hard, but the team deserved to win. ‘ We’re hurt, a lot of us are hurt, but I think we deserve this win.

“said Rizzo, somewhat agitated. “Udinese is a very physical team and the attacks are very threatening,” he. I very much hope for their attitude on the field. Now the team has a lot of wounded and I hope Iguain, Calabria, Oulu Khan and Bonaventura hurry up.

” ‘ It’s a bit of a pain in the back of Iguazu, it’s an old problem, it’s been operated on seven or eight years ago and this time it doesn’t seem serious, I hope so .

” The lasso ga...

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AC Milan Giants: Do you have a shaky figure?

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He’s the top of the story.

Leonardo talking about the handsome position of the plus-drawing cable

According to Dimazio, Milan director Leonardo said the club fully supports Gattuso.

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Because of the instability of Milan this season, there have been rumors of the crisis of Gattuso’s handsome position, which Leonardo made a denial. “Do you have a shaky figure?” he added. These rumors about him come from outside the club, so so far as I’ve learned, these rumors are unfounded. That’s why we don’t think we need to deny it, because Gattuso knows that he has our full support.

Leonardo told reporters when he attended the Golden Foot Awards ceremony...

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Champions League-Lionel Messi doubles the old master Barca 2-0 end Inter 7 winning streak

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Rafinha celebrates goals Rafinha celebrates goals Beijing time October 25 3 o’clock (Spain local time 24th 21 o’clock), the Champions League Group B 3rd round began the 2nd contest, Barcelona home 2:0 defeated Inter, 3 victory in the first place, inter end of the official match 7 consecutive victories, the score 6 points in the second seat. Rafinha the old main goal. Second half, Coutinho hit the beam.

Lakitic assists Alba in scoring.
Lionel Messi and his son watch Lionel Messi and his son spectator Barca had previously clashed with Inter 6 Champions League 3 win 2 Ping 1 negative, the only defeat was the 2009-10 season semi-final first leg 1:3 Siqi, nearly 3 games to maintain a victory, and no goals. Rafinha replaced the right arm with a fractured Lionel Messi.

In the previous 80 games th...

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Nemarbi compare to kaka Cristiano Ronaldo after the first man

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Neymar state brave Neymar state brave

After the group game first defeated Liverpool, PSG ushered in the second game of the Champions League this season, the opponent is weaker Belgrade Red Star, Neymar a hat-trick, led the team 6-1 rout opponents, ushered in the Champions League win, the game Neymar scored two very beautiful free kicks. In Paris for the second season, Neymar’s personal data is getting better, and in his 7 FA matches this season, Neymar contributed 7 goals of 2 assists in the luxury data, to help Paris currently in the law to maintain a victory, has been a number of other teams, but Paris to sign Neymar,

Not only did he help the team to dominate the country, but the main goals of Paris and Neymar were in the Champions League...

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Adjara: Support Modric to get Golden Ball Champions League + World Cup is too strong

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Adjara certainly Modric strength Adjara affirmation Modric strength Chelsea star Adjara recently received a “team newspaper” interview, which talks about the Golden Globes, their future and the impact of Surrey on Chelsea, and other hot issues.

Adjara said he would not leave Chelsea in January. The interviewer asked what it would feel like if Adjara was told that it was the world’s best player from the beginning of the summer. Adjara smiled and said: “I agree with you, but I am not the only one.” Mbappe played very well and Neymar played very well. There will always be Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. But yes, now everything is going well for Chelsea and the national team.

” “We’ve always said that when you’re in good shape, you have to thank the coach,” Adjara said of the impact of Ch...

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