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Barcelona official Mr. Darda agreement contract 3 year transfer fee 21 million

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Bidar joined Bassabidal to join Barcelona Beijing Time August 4, the Spanish giants Barcelona official announced that Bayern Munich midfielder Bidar joined the team.

According to the Spanish media, the Makati reported that the transfer fee for Dar is 18 million euro, and there are additional terms of € 3 million.

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Barcelona official Xuan than Dahl joined Barcelona After the 2014-15 season, Dahl joined Bayern from Juventus. During the 3-year period of Bayern Munich, he scored 22 goals in 132 times, following the team’s 3-time Bundesliga, 2-time German Super Bowl and 1 German Cup championships.

During the Chilean national team, he scored 24 goals in 100 appearances and won the Copa America two times...

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Loppets: Modric won’t walk on this group of people, Real Madrid can win.

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Loppets stressed Modric stay team Loppets stressed Modric stay team

At Real Madrid and Roma before the pre-match press conference, Loppets focused on speaking Modric, Kovacic and other outside concerns. On preseason, Loppets said: “The pre-season is designed to put you in the best shape, and we are delighted with the player’s current performance.” The result is not the most important, the most important thing is the player’s physical recovery and the team’s skill and tactics.

” On the Modric of the transfer rumours, Loppets said: “We have no doubt that Modric will continue to play Real Madrid.” He will continue to be a good member of the Real Madrid array. When necessary, I will communicate with my players, but in a private way.

” On the goalkeeper position, Loppets said: “The only thing...

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Chelsea’s new player gives the green light to the ace: If you want to go to Real Madrid

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Surrey for Courtois leave the green light surrey for Courtois’s leave the green light Chelsea goalkeeper Courtois is one of the topics that fans have been watching for the next season.

Surrey has taken the green light for Courtois’s departure and will communicate with Courtois today, the Sun reported. The report said that after the game with Manchester City, Surrey responded to Courtois’s story: “I’m not interested in the manager’s words, I want to hear what Courtois says.” If he gives the same answer, I certainly need to talk to my club because I only need players who are very motivated, but I have nothing to say to the broker.

Screenshot of report screenshot Earlier, Courtois’s agent said Courtois himself wanted to be able to play at Real Madrid: ...

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Football 10 most expensive genius: Mbape 170 million dominate the United Demon King 2nd

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Mbape is the highest Mbape among all players under the age of 21 and is the highest in all players under 21 years of age World football never lacks the young players who are bright-eyed, and in recent years they have been rising in value.

The Soccerex agency recently made an analysis of the list of all the top 20 players who were born after January 1997.

The report combines players ‘ age, position, current club, contract duration, market value estimates, the number of appearances in international competitions, total play time liverpool soccer jerseys discount, total goals, injuries, and skill levels to make a final valuation of the player’s current status.

Here are the top 10 players and estimated value:

1. Mbape (Paris Saint Germain) £ 171.5 million


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Luo Shuai’s pointer falls to finalize two core tactical commanders + new superstar Riders July 30, Real Madrid players in training.

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July 30, Real Madrid players in training. Special reporter Li Kun reported that although Loppets Real Madrid in the tactical Isco as the axis, basically become a foregone conclusion, but for Peres, this Real Madrid’s standard-bearer is more than 100 million euros worth of bell, not a lot of commercial value of the local midfielder. The original Bell had decided to leave after the winter, but Zidane resigned first, after the departure of C Luo, the Welsh superstar in Real Madrid’s position has changed dramatically.

Loppets’s team in the front, the most popular is only bell. Because of the World Cup effect, Real Madrid’s pre-season kit sales were the highest in Modrich. But as the season progresses, Bell has become the undisputed number one player in the team...

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Japanese media: In the super only money other not so Iniesta choose Japan

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Iniesta to Japan and Iniesta to Japan to play Spain’s two biggest stars, Iniesta and Fernando Torres, have joined the Japanese league this summer. They have been pursued by the Super team, but in the end they chose the J League.

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Japanese media, “The evening of the Fuji,” issued a report, because Japan is more attractive than the bursting of the Chinese buy.

Spain’s former world champions, Iniesta and Fernando Torres, have joined the J-League, with successive star players joining because Japan is more attractive than China’s money bombing. The Chinese league has also bought a lot of big names in the past, even at the end of the career can get a high salary, which attracts a lot of players to sign, but is not only a successful example...

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Kylian Mbappe revealed that he was injured in the World Cup finals and semi-finals

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Kylian Mbappe revealed that he participated in the World Cup semi-finals and finals, and he injured his opponent.

The Frenchman was one of the star players after Russia won the young players in this tournament, after he helped Les Bruce win the second championship.

Mbappe said that in the first three days of the French team’s victory over Belgium in the semi-final, he moved three vertebrae on the back of Russia.

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Bailey praised Mbappe for scoring in the World Cup finals
He told the French football magazine: “It is crucial not to remind our opponents, otherwise they could have used this and targeted this sensitive area.”

“That’s why we hide players and players, even in the finals.”

Mbappe has become the youngest player in the World Cup since Pele in 1958 and h...

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British film audiences are affected by the World Cup and warm weather

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In spite of the release of the sequel to Ocean 8 and Jurassic Park, summer box office sales fell by 20%

The big Hollywood film company plans to participate in the drought, with only one major version, robbing the movie Ocean No. 8. Photo: Allstar / Warner Bros
Despite the release of the Jurassic Park sequel and the release of the Ocean 8, the UK’s World Cup run and sweltering weather have affected the attendance of summer cinemas, and UK box office sales have fallen by 20% since June.

From June 1st to July 12th, UK cinemas had a box office receipt of £103 million, a 19% drop from the £128 million in the same period last year.

The best performance of England in the World Cup since 1990 and the double blow in the UK have allowed moviegoers to be outdoors...

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Football: The victory of the World Cup gave France a new hero and needs to improve.

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On July 16, 2018, the French aerobatic squad released the smoke of the national flag on the Champs Elysées in Paris. (Eric Feferberg / Pool Photo from AP)
PARIS (AP) – On Monday, the French victory of the World Cup team on the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris took an open-top bus on the Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris, and tens of thousands The people of the show cheered with unfettered pride, the national cheering color of the jet – blue, white, red – overhead.

In the hot sun, waiting for hours to greet the football team in a suffocating celebration of smoke bombs, a few hours after lifting the golden trophy on French soil for the second time after the team returned from Russia for 20 hours Got the year.

The national team defeated Croatia 4-2 on Sunday, bringing a new generation of heroes t...

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2018 World Cup: Countdown starts in Russia’s last weekend – live broadcast!

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A large-scale pre-conference tournament is of course the introduction of VAR, as a staunch opponent of video technology (following football fans from all over the world, please watch the A-League finals and tell me that VAR is the gospel of the game) – this is both painful and happy After all the hoo-haa, perhaps (* touched the wood, the World Cup final is pending*) it is not a complete collapse that many people worry about?

For example, a key difference between launching VARs in Australia and the World Cup may be the advantage of having multiple VARs – when two or three extra eyes look at it, it eliminates the possibility of strange subjective decisions and requires an aspect video The meeting between the referees took place on some more “explanatory” questions...

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