Kennedy gained interest in Bayern Munich and Grand Paris.

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Sky Sports reports that Bayern and Germain are interested in Chelsea’s humiliating Chinese teenager Kennedy.

The winter window Kennedy was loaned to Newcastle by Chelsea, he performed well in the Magpies, scored 2 goals in 8 games, helped the Magpies out of the relegation zone 10 points, and the fans wanted to sign him permanently.

Sky Sports learned that if Chelsea agreed to sell Kennedy, Bayern and Paris would pay attention to his situation, but so far they have not offered an offer.

Bayern Robben and Ribery are no longer young, their contracts expire this summer and Bayern Soccer FC Store are looking for a successor. After joining Chelsea in August 2015, Kennedy only played 27 times. But Courtney’s future hangs in the balance, and Kennedy may continue to wait for opportunities.

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Why Adidas sponsors football teams in illegal settlements?

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One hundred and thirty Palestinian sports organizations called on Adidas to stop the branding team in Israeli settlements.

Conventional Palestinian players are forced to endure Israeli military attacks, and in our field, Israel denies us the right to tear gas through the game and has seen our teammates die and bomb our stadium. I was occupied by Israel for three years without any charges or trials and was released after a 96-day hunger strike and strong protests around the world. Palestinian players take this risk every day because they are forced to pass through Israeli military checkpoints. The IFA (Israeli Football Association) has been playing in illegal Israeli settlements that have taken away our land, water, resources and livelihoods...

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How U.S. women’s football attempts to sustain this revolution

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Donald Trump threatens U.S. World Cup bid
U.S. Election of New President to Restart Resil Football Project
Hope to solo sue for the football federation she wants to run
Former man player hopes to solo title American football presidential campaign
Although the U.S. men’s national football team entered the unknown world in 2018, the first appearance of new presidents and World Cup faults has occurred since 1986. Women’s games have historically been stable.

In the sixth season after the first game of the weekend, the National Women’s Football League (NWSL) will double its history. Due to financial and organizational constraints, the Women’s United Football Association (2001-03) and Women’s Professional Football (2009-11) shared this record in three games.

However, those who are close to t...

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FIFA Monitoring Committee Recommends Football Grexit

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The head of the FIFA committee overseeing Greek football formally proposed to the International Federation a local competition to suspend international competition. In fact, the Greek Football Federation (EPO) implemented a few weeks to implement the FIFA recommended measures, otherwise On the so-called football Grexit.

Herbert Huber, director of the Oversight Committee, made clear to FIFA as well as members of the European Council Executive Committee that the International Federation suspended Greek football indefinitely – there were no asterisks for a specific period or national team.

Regarding the delay in the decision of the European Patent Office President Vangelis Grammenos at the Austrian conference a few days ago regarding the various contests affected by the riots and the stadiu...

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Why Fatma Samoura of FIFA believes football can change the world

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For FIFA Secretary-General Fatma Samba Diouf Samoura, football goes beyond religion, gender and racial disorder. During her 21-year humanitarian career with the United Nations, she supported peace and promotes gender equality efforts in countries with frequent disasters. She witnessed the power of sports to unify communities and promote social change.

Speaking about FIFA’s meeting of equality and inclusion in 2018, Samoura recalls working in Africa during the first civil war in Liberia.

She said: “The only time people stop fighting and accept the warlord’s orders is when it rains or when they play football.” “You can’t simply ignore the power of the movement that inspires millions of passions around the world.”

Adidas Spain World-Cup Home jersey 2018 

Samura – We rank first in the list ...

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Women’s Football Jacob tied with South Elgin

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Streamwood’s scoreboard at the Millennium Stadium may show a 3-3 lead at the end of the Jacobs vs. South Elgin Women’s Football Monday, but it is more like winning after winning the Golden Eagles. The inside scored two goals and leveled in the final seven minutes.

“It really feels good to come back like this,” Jacobs junior Kaylee Vincent said. “We talked at half time that we need to do more and show more of our innermost minds. This is what we started doing in the second half. We have better communication and passing.”

Vincent scored a penalty kick for the penalties when he scored 5:1 left.

“I just told myself that I must do this,” Vincent said. “I’m determined to kick me when I put down the ball and watch the goalkeeper. I try not to think too much and don’t give up.”

Jacobd (0-2-2) scor...

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Football – Argentine Prosecutor Expands Investigation of Alleged Sexual Abuse

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Buenos Aires (Reuters) – An Argentine prosecutor will expand sexual abuse investigations against young players at Argentina’s top club Independiente, saying she thinks such incidents may occur at other football clubs.

Maria Soledad Garibaldi began investigations last week and reported that a 19-year-old player was forced to play in Independiente, one of the most successful clubs in Argentina.

“I’m sure there are more cases. This not only happens in isolation,” Garibaldi told local radio stations on Monday. “They may operate in other clubs and amateur football clubs.”

The club said in a statement last week that the independent team had full cooperation with the police after a young player told the club psychologist about the plan’s warning.

Garibaldi said on Monday that three players ...

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Pepererna, David DeGia and Mark – Andr Stefs Stalin World Cup Ball

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The three major European goalkeepers have severely criticized the ball to be used in the upcoming World Cup, suggesting that there is still time for change.
The Spanish Pepe Reina and David de Gea and the German Mark André Telster have spoken on Adidas Telstar 18, a reimagining of the ball used in the 1970 and 1974 matches.

“I bet that we will see 35 goals at a distance at least because it is impossible,” Reina said.

Barcelona and Argentine striker Messi form a match with the official 2018 World Cup

Barcelona and Argentine striker Lionel Messi pose with official game ball

“It is covered with plastic film and it is difficult to maintain

COLOMBIA 2018 World Cup Soccer Jerseys


“The goal will have a lot of problems.”

Degea responded to the emotions of his international teammates and added, ...

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Barcelona Lionel Lionel Messi will miss the friendly match between Argentina and Spain after skipping training on Saturday

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Messi trained with the Argentine team before the Italian conflict.
Messi will miss the friendship between Argentina and Spain.

Messi, the Barcelona star, has been fighting for fitness since he fought with the international team. Before that, he took an unused replacement on Friday with the Italian team at the Etihad Stadium.

According to Argentine officials, Messi is a player on the bench, but he can play a “zero” opportunity.

Since the beginning of the season, Messi has played 47 matches for the club and the country team, including nine La Liga, one Copa del Rey final, and five other Champions League matches before the World Cup.

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The forward has been co...

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2018 US Jersey disclosed

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The United States will return to modernity with its classic appearance. This morning, Conrad Brye revealed what it looked like when the jersey was launched in 2018:

Before we saw the leak of the jersey, but now, thanks Conrad, we have more details. The home jersey took us back to a design similar to the 2012 home football jersey, more affectionately known as the Waldos. Many fans have asked Waldos to become a permanent home for USMNT and USWNT, but the 2018 jersey will be tied to this theme. The jersey of the house will be a white jersey with a degraded color. The front disappears from the hoop and starts in red and becomes royal blue. When you put on a jersey, the basket becomes smaller and longer at the top. The sleeves are white with a gray striped pattern.

The back will be solid ...

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