Football is an amazing fourth favorite sport

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Football is an amazing fourth favorite sport
During Saturday’s Russian D group match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup held at Spartak Stadium on Saturday in Argentina and Iceland, Hannes Halldorsson of Iceland saved the penalty for Argentine Massy. (Ryan Pierse / AFP)
My 18-year-old grandson is a huge football fan.

Last year he was a first-team, all-around player in high school in North Carolina and was a performer throughout the region. This fall, he will perform at Raleigh Community College.

Portugal World-Cup #7 RONALDO Away Jersey 2018

My wife Hetti and I returned to high school early this month.

We found his bedroom to be the temple of his favorite sport.

In addition to numerous full-court games, his MVP on the wall and game plaques, chests and tables, the Manchester United flag also c...

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Really great 2018 World Cup: Twitter is convinced that Ronaldo sent a GOAT message to Messi during a celebration of Spain

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Is the Portuguese superstar’s chin touch gesture to the Argentine’s recent business suggesting that Barca’s trump card is the greatest in history?

After CRISTIANO RONALDO scored for Spain for the first time in Portugal, it seemed to leave a message for everyone – I was the Bobcats, not Messi.

The 33-year-old added another chapter to his astonishing career with an amazing World Cup hat trick last night.

People believe that Cristiano Ronaldo sent a message to Messi last night

The superstar won a wonderful hat trick to win Portugal’s draw for Spain’s Getty.
The superstar made an amazing hat trick to win Portugal’s draw against Spain.
He broke the deadlock in five minutes and became the only player in the four races to win fourth place.

Due to a foul by Nacho Fernández, Ronaldo himself ...

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How to Watch the World Cup Like a Football Nerd, 2018 Edition

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How to Watch the World Cup Like a Football Nerd, 2018 Edition
The central defender becomes the guard and the guard becomes the defender! The forward becomes a winger and becomes a superstar! Complex statistics become more complicated!

Getty Images / Ringer illustrator
Four years is a long time. Part of the strength of the World Cup is how much it can change in one cycle. Four years ago, no one had ever heard of Christian Pulisic (RIP, temporarily). Four years ago, Neymar had just finished his first season in Barcelona. There are rumors that he may switch to Real Madrid. Hey, he is playing for the Saint-Germain team in Paris. Four years ago, superstars Mehmet Salah and Romelu Lukaku still technically belonged to Chelsea...

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Icelandic football fairy tale continues with the appearance of the World Cup

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With approximately 330,000 residents, the Nordic countries are the smallest country ever qualified to participate in the tournament. Two years ago, Iceland also entered the European Championship for the first time and entered the quarter-finals – a famous way to eliminate England.

In 2016, France made a “deaf war” in this summer’s movie soundtrack. Iceland’s fairy tales became more charming. If it has the same effect in Russia, don’t be surprised.

In addition to the legend, team coach Heimar Hallgrimsson combined the management of the national team with a dental surgery clinic in a small town in Iceland. And a hard-working, selfless team is mostly a player who has not been annotated in advance. They just get rid of their dream before watching the world.

Giving Icelanders more global attent...

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Keep the football in the hands of the referees, not the invisible video assistant

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Keep the football in the hands of the referees, not the invisible video assistant
When the var wheel of the football, the game action is affected.
Posted by Insider Jon Marthaler on June 9th, 2018 – 12:39AM
Stop playing – Many football fans may run out of patience – Referee Jose Carlos Rivero watches a replay of the penalty shootout
Suspension of the match – Many football fans may run out of patience – when the referee Jose Carlos Rivero watches the replayed penalty kick during the April MLS match between New England and Montreal.
The word “VAR” has become part of the football vocabulary. The video assistant referee is a euphemism for an instant rebroadcast of football...

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In 1990, I spent one of the best summers in my life as a counselor at a rest camp in Maine I was the essential creepy Englishman

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He wore denim shorts and spent seven glorious weeks trying to understand the American tradition of making lanyards, devil dogs and sky hooks. However, my ruling memory is still the coldness of the United States for my love sport: football.

In that summer’s World Cup, English football broke away from its self-destructive instincts in the glorious march into the semi-finals, which led the English tabloid-driven culture back to family fanaticism. It feels like the empire is about to return. However, the day of the semifinal against West Germany was one of the most frustrating things in my life. I have arranged for a day off with another British person who runs the beachfront camp. We frantically ran behind the dusty road in rural Maine and crashed into one long roadside bar...

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The Argentine team’s cancellation of the game with Israel’s football game has caused cheers

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Ofer Eini and the President and CEO of the Israeli Football Association Rotem Kamer addressed the media in the town of Ramat Gan in eastern Tel Aviv. The two men announced that the organization will submit a formal complaint to FIFA to FIFA.
Jack Gates/AFP/Getty Images
The football match between the Israeli team and the Argentine team on Saturday had no effect, at least in terms of the team’s ranking. This was just an exhibition in Jerusalem, which allowed Argentine players to warm up their legs before the World Cup and allowed Israeli fans to see a superstar like Messi.

Argentina has now given up this game – and why it has caused controversy to transfer this confrontation from the football field to the international political stage.

Argentine officials said on Wednesday that they consid...

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Football: After suffering in Kiev, England’s Henderson shifted to focus

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England Football Club (Reuters) – English midfielder John Henderson stated that he blamed Real Madrid for the defeat in the Liverpool Champions League finals because he turned his attention to the World Cup.

Soccer Football – World Cup Football – Media Day in England – St. George’s Park, Burton upon Trent, United Kingdom – June 5, 2018, Jordan, Jordan, Henderson Passes Reuters/Karresin during Media Day
The 27-year-old Liverpool captain admitted that it was difficult to accept the 3-1 loss to Real Madrid in Kiev, but he needed to draw his attention at the Russian Championship this month, which helped him overcome the problem.

“This has been difficult in the past 10 days. It’s hard to take,” he said at the St. George Park Training Center in England on Tuesday.

“I have spent some time with my...

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Main link football: Rooney is about to reach the MLS

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The vocalist left back Nuhou and the newly added striker Felix Chankam are from the same port city in Cameroon, which is rare for Major League football teammates. They are part of Cameroon’s growing and controversial pipeline to MLS, and Sounders has been actively involved.

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In Hunter: Magnus Wolf Ekream’s Journey From Manchester United College to Seattle Bay | Seattle Sound FC

Megan Rapinoe Still Optimistic and Necessary for USWNT through Injury, Criticism and Guitar Theft | Sports
From the beginning of Rapinoe’s career, her game has always been one of infectious enthusiasm.

Doomsday Discussion Week 14 | Heart Sounder
The MLS referee should give the yellow dumb shit more frequently.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, wi...

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74-year-old José Hawilla, the central figure in the football scandal, died

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José Hawilla of the Sao Paulo office in Brazil in 2011. A newspaper in Rio de Janeiro called him “the boss of Brazilian football.” CreditCiro Boro
Richard Sandomier

José Hawilla, Brazil’s noted sports marketing director, became an important player in the United States when bringing global corruption cases when he admitted bribing football officials to buy media and marketing rights to participate in major South American championships and died at the hospital in Sao Paulo on May 25. He is 74 years old.

One of his lawyers, Nicolas Alons, said that the reason is lung failure.

In 2015, the Justice Department accused many senior officials of the FIFA Football World Management Agency, of which more than US$150 million in bribes and kickbacks paid the right to participate in the competiti...

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