Adjara: Support Modric to get Golden Ball Champions League + World Cup is too strong

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Adjara certainly Modric strength Adjara affirmation Modric strength Chelsea star Adjara recently received a “team newspaper” interview, which talks about the Golden Globes, their future and the impact of Surrey on Chelsea, and other hot issues.

Adjara said he would not leave Chelsea in January. The interviewer asked what it would feel like if Adjara was told that it was the world’s best player from the beginning of the summer. Adjara smiled and said: “I agree with you, but I am not the only one.” Mbappe played very well and Neymar played very well. There will always be Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. But yes, now everything is going well for Chelsea and the national team.

” “We’ve always said that when you’re in good shape, you have to thank the coach,” Adjara said of the impact of Ch...

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Champions League-messi 2 Ball 2 Mid-column Coutinho Barcelona 4-2 wins Spurs

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Champions League-messi 2 Ball 2 Mid-column Coutinho Barcelona 4-2 wins Spurs
Barcelona 4-2 wins Tottenham Hotspur Barcelona 4-2 wins Spurs Beijing Time October 4 03:00 (uk local time 3rd 20:00), 2018/19 Champions League B second match day a focus battle at Wembley Stadium to compete, Barcelona away 4:2 Lectra spurs, coutinho, Lakitic expansion score, Messi scored 2 goals,

Harry Kane and Lamera 2 goals for Tottenham. Barca’s 32-time England team scored 9 wins and 9 flat 14 negative, while Spurs had 6 European games against Spanish teams last season, with the remaining 5 2, 3 negative, including the 1982 UEFA Champions League semi-final, Tottenham Hotspur...

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Lampard: back to Stamford Bridge like home proud to retire Manchester United

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Lampard will lead the battle against Chelsea Cher Silampad

In the fourth round of the England Carling Cup draw, Lampard led by Derby County to eliminate Jose Mourinho’s Manchester united, and ushered in the old club chelsea, Lampard received the Derby County official website interview, talked about this special Game.

Lampard has played in Chelsea for 13 years, with 649 appearances and a record of the highest scoring scores in the team history of 211 Goals Chelsea #2 RUDIGER Home Jersey 18/19.
Frank Lampard said: “back to Stamford Bridge really has a very special significance, there is my home, I played for 13 years of the place.” Having the opportunity to go back to Stamford Bridge and see the fans and staff there again is really an incredible opportunity for Me.

” “it was a club that made my life, and I was fortunate enough...

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Europe reproduces divine goals!

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Violent, Battieb, broken, and possessed.
Adair scored divine goals Adair scored divine goals This week, Arsenal star Gervinho a hit in a 70-metre-long scoring goal, and yesterday in the Russian Super League was born a good goal, once in the 2016 European Cup final to help Portugal scored a brilliant long-distance final title of the Adair scored a surprise four of the wonderful upside-down tick.

This week, after the Puskas prize Salah, football was born with a succession of divine goals.
Adair’s Divine goal Adair’s divine goal September 27 in the Russian Cup 16 battle, the Moscow locomotive away 3-2 defeated the Gariningrati card team. During the regular period, the locomotive was 1-2 behind the home team...

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Barcelona Double Line Emergency!

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Devil’s schedule Lien 5 hard stubble + National Derby
October Barcelona is a tough October. At the end of the last international Match day, the Spanish giants ‘ intensive events began, not only to play in La Liga, but also to play in the Champions League. In the past 4 games, Barca’s performance was unsatisfactory.

Although the red and Blue Legion defeated the Royal Society in the first match after the International Match day, and in Champions League also achieved a 4:0 victory in Eindhoven, but in the next 2 round of La Liga games, Barcelona only got 1 flat 1 negative, which is not in the Barcelona plan.

Barcelona is about to usher in the Devil’s fixture, and the match for Girona and Leganés is a must, but Barcelona not only lost the game, failed to warm up with the weak team, but also ...

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Manchester United former striker is facing a one-year ban on drug tests

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Giuseppe-Rosi Jusepe-Rossi

Italy striker Giuseppe-Rossi faces a one-year suspension penalty for failing to pass the drug test. The Italian anti-Doping Agency, Nado Italia, announced in Tuesday that Rossi would face a court hearing next week, while in previous doping tests he was found to have taken a drug that could also be used as an agent for doping.

Currently, the agency has initiated legal proceedings to seek a one-year ban on Rossi’s punishment. The test was carried out in May, when Rossi played for the Genoa team in Serie A.

The Rossi contract expired in the summer and left the team, now a free agent.
Rosie’s debut at Manchester United in the same year
 According to the media, Rossi was found to be the drug ingredient is “dorzolamide amine”, which is a carbon anhydride inhibitor, one...

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West Media denounces Real Madrid leader: Cristiano Ronaldo out of the game you’re too free to play

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Ramos has been accused by media of media accusations “Ramos can’t play so free!”

“After Real Madrid’s 1:0 victory over the Spaniards, the Spanish” maca “criticized the Real Madrid captain Ramos, who thought he was a bit on the pitch, that he had lost his position many times in the game, and that he had had trouble with the team, Loppets must consider limiting Ramos’s power. The Makati newspaper said Ramos had re-engineered the definition of “free man” and used the role to give him complete freedom on the pitch. All of a sudden, he will appear in the original Modric site, and sometimes run to the front of the box to shoot, but also on the sidewalk to try to wear the crotch.

He’s going to be a winger when he strikes back, and he stays in the front when the team gets a corner, and he waits af...

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Barcelona manager: Macy’s hats are normal to everyone’s use

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Valverde evaluation competition Valverde evaluation competition The first game of the Champions League group, Barcelona 4:0 victory over Eindhoven, Macy’s hat-trick, won the outside world widely praised.

After the game Valverde said that Messi such performance has become accustomed to. “Messi is a blessing in your camp, and it’s a problem for anyone who’s not on the side of Lionel Messi,” Valverde said, making it commonplace to be unusual. Lionel Messi looks normal, but it’s because we’re used to it. If we were these people, it would be extraordinary.

Chelsea 2018-2019 Soccer Jersey
Valverde praised: “We see something unique, which has not been seen for many years.” As a former La Liga player, I don’t remember having a player like him. It’s hard to find people like him in the future.


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This weekend, 111 American football players have done well abroad.

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Alfredo Morales celebrated the goal half a game before Futuna Düsseldorf defeated Hoffenheim 2-1 at home. (Ronald Wittek / EPA-EFE / REX / Shutterstock)
Steven Goff
September 16
It is worth noting that there are no players listed in the minor league or reserve/youth team. Americans with dual nationality representing other national teams have also been omitted.

United Kingdom

Umbro Everton Home Jersey 17/18 

Super League

Newcastle United defender DeAndre Yedlin: defeated Arsenal 2-1 for 90 minutes

Fulham defender Tim Rem: Not defeating Manchester City 3-0 at the age of 18 (injured)

Hudsfield town midfielder Danny Williams: At the age of 18 but did not participate in the 1-0 victory over Crystal Palace

Cardiff City goalkeeper Chris Knopka: Not defeating Chelsea at 18:1

Fulham midfielder...

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Jose Mourinho: Lukaku back 50 meters defense is great why reuse Fellaini

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Jose Mourinho praised Lukaku, Fellaini and other generals Jose Mourinho praised Lukaku, Fellaini and other general Manchester United 2-1 Watford, near misses scored three points. Jose Mourinho reviewed the game after the match, and he was very pleased with Lukaku, Fellaini and others.

Especially Lukaku, Jose Mourinho praised his defensive attitude. Jose Mourinho first reviewed the Manchester United players, he said: “I am very happy with the spirit of the players, Lukaku as a striker, he can chase back 50 meters, and then shovel help the team defense.” However, I was a little frustrated because we should have killed the game in the first half. After the second half began, we lowered the intensity of the game, which allowed our opponents to score a goal and drag us into the difficult game.

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